April 26 2012: Strange Sounds In The Sky Update: Ohio, Bath England, Netherlands, Bremen Germany, Videos

WordPress has seemed to lose all my posts, all my settings, all my categories, all my widgets, my entire theme, all my followers, all my pages, just everything…. This is from inside my admin login position, I do hope that my followers are not lost as well, but I’m thinking they are because I cannot find them at all from inside my login admin page…  I have written the supposed support of wordpress but they have no help for folks unless you upgrade to a paid site.  Thank God I didn’t upgrade and pay for them to lose my stuff too. How can one trust to upgrade if they lose all settings and posts !!!! I have another blog that has no such thing required and they managed so far to keep all posts in tact and all followers in tact..  Today when logged in all my data was lost from inside my site admin page, though if you google my site you can find it, I do hope this is a temporary glitch, if not I apologize for the issues to my followers and readers… I’m slightly ticked off to say the least…

To all my blog followers at WordPress.. Please join my blogger site, it is much more extensive in research , all videos are right there and FREE, and blogger does not make you pay to have videos uploaded to your site, posting seems to be a bit more secure then wordpress, its horrifying that blog posts and admin settings can be simply wiped out without a sorry, or anything given.  VERY Cold at the very least. Its a safer bet to keep in touch with me at my other site.. More info too. 

If wordpress is updating their site they should ALWAYS notify you that they are doing it so not to alarm a person that their data is missing OR, they need to say sorry at the very least, and at least care enough to know that writers lost their posts..  Please join my other blog…

My Pleiadian blog on blogger is called:

A Pleiadian Testimony: Return To The Ancient Paths

URL:  http:///www.jewels2012ascend.blogspot.com


Meanwhile please visit this below link for the Strange Noises In The Sky Update

Click To View Video Update For Strange Noises In The Sky


One Response to “April 26 2012: Strange Sounds In The Sky Update: Ohio, Bath England, Netherlands, Bremen Germany, Videos”

  1. jewels2012ascend Says:

    This blog here at wordpress lost all my followers, all my settings, background themes, all data, EVERYTHING so please follow me over at http://www.jewels2012ascend.blogspot.com .. I have lots of archives RE: Solar Updates, videos, Pleiadian messages, ET-UFOs, Anunnaki, Nibiru, Planet X, Strange Sounds In The Sky, Videos and Planet Earth Changes, and Scientific Updates there. The folks at WordPress have not been too compassionate with the loss of data, hence i’m asking those that were following me to go over there to my other site, it seems a little more secure then here. I apologize for issues of viewing my pages and posts here.

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